ERS International Congress 2023

ERS International Congress 2023

The ERS International Congress 2023, held from September 9th to 13th in Milan, Italy, marked a pivotal moment for the respiratory healthcare community. Amidst the hybrid format allowing both in-person and online participation, Open Airway Dental Solution proudly introduced their latest innovation, the Sleep Oral Appliance o2vent Optima and Mini device.

At the forefront of Open Airway Dental Solution's booth was Rami Al Metwaly, who expertly managed and led the showcase of the revolutionary o2vent devices. Attendees, whether on-site or virtually, were captivated by the devices' advanced design and potential to transform sleep apnea treatment.

The congress provided a unique platform for knowledge sharing and networking among respiratory healthcare professionals. Open Airway Dental Solution's presence underscored their commitment to advancing respiratory health through innovative dental solutions.

As the congress concluded, the excitement around the o2vent Optima and Mini devices continued to grow, highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing respiratory health challenges. The ERS International Congress 2023 was a testament to the impact of cutting-edge technologies in enhancing patient care.
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